Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Share and Share Alike

Molly has learned the word "share", so today she got a kick out of sharing her milk cup with Lily (you can request she share something and she follows the command, or she'll do it on her own accord). It's amazingly cute to watch them interact like this. This is when the twin thing tugs at your heart.

Molly is also assuming that if she wants to put something in her mouth, everyone else does too. So if she is chewing on a toy, or sucking a pacifier, she then offers it to me. She puts it directly on my mouth and looks for my reaction. This, of course, can be a little gross, because I get offered all sorts of slimy spitty items I don't want to chew on. It seems to give her pleasure to "share" the spitty item with me, so I thank her profusely and quickly get it back to her mouth.

Claire had another good day at preschool and we had our usual lunch at Arby's after I picked her up. This afternoon I waited on two pregnant women who wanted to come by to look at our "gently used" baby items, and only one showed. This lady was pregnant with twins, and boy oh boy did I feel sorry for her. She was really tall, however, and seemed to carry the pregnancy much better than my short body did. She looked really good actually - nothing like what I did.

Tonight we had another milestone - I made my last batch of formula. We had enough to make 38 ounces, so that's all they get. Whole milk, here we come! We'll get about a $100/month raise by not having to purchase formula anymore. Woo-hoo.

Tomorrow is another office day and another test of the new nanny. Please, please, please let the twins have a better day so that I'm not concerned with the girl's ability to care for them. I did talk to the French nanny (who quit before she started) last night so I do know I have a back-up plan, but who's to say the French girl can handle the twins any better than our current nanny?

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