Monday, September 29, 2008

Get Well Plan Or The Boot?

OK ... the question at the moment is whether I put the current nanny on a get well plan or give her the boot. Today I got home and she had (as usual) underfed the babies, so we had another three hours of ballistic babies. I've been coaching her on feedings for over a month now, so I don't know why it's not sinking in.

And I had to clean up my kitchen again. I had to put dishes in the dishwasher and wipe the crumbs off the counter top - my serious kitchen pet peeves. I actually did this in front of her, and she showed very little remorse.

And then ... I found an old poop diaper - at least 4 hours old, sitting in the twins' room, out in the open, freshening the room with its fantastic aroma. I admit we don't have a diaper bin in their room (it's in the master bedroom, where I do more poop diapers), making the nanny's job a little tougher, but the other two nannies have somehow managed to throw out used diapers. At least three days I've come home to stacked soiled diapers next to the changing pad. That's just, uh, gross.

Normally I'd follow corporate America procedure and give her a "get well" plan, detailing what I need changed. But I've got two issues here. One, is that I've actually got "Plan B" - the French girl still wants to work for us. I never have a Plan B, and Plan B is actively looking for a nanny job, so I don't want to lose her if we need her. Two is that my gut instincts are telling me that no matter how much I coach her, she's not going to improve. She's just not good with babies. She's great for Claire's age group but not good with the twins.

But as I've said before, who's to say whether the French nanny will be any better with the babies? I could be trading like for like if I go that route.

Decisions, decisions.

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