Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Joy

I kept the birthday low key on purpose (I know my kids are wired tight). We only had one additional family member attend - their grandmother (my mom). Admittedly they don't see her often, but it was only one extra person. We honestly didn't have chaos in the house.

And they still freaked. Mom didn't approach them gently and carefully, and they both went into tailspin. The screaming took up at least 45 minutes of the evening, killed any party mood we may have started with, and got me and Kyle beyond frustrated with each other.

Just shoot me.

They pulled themselves together by the time they got to eat cake (they liked it), and other than one bad moment for Lily they stayed in a good mood for presents and play time. It's a good thing they're able to recover, and too bad their mother (that's me, folks) cannot - I just can't get my blood pressure back down after a screaming event like that.

So I'm holed up in the basement, trying to calm my frayed nerves.

I love kid birthdays [said through gritted teeth]. Happy Birthday, Molly and Lily. Can we shoot for a better birthday next year girls?

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