Thursday, September 11, 2008

Play Zone

I belong to this "Mothers of Multiples" group, primarily for the buying and selling of used baby gear. Today I bought a "play zone", which is basically an animal pen for the twins (see photo), from a mother of triplets (God bless her ... triplets ... sheesh). Claire thinks it's a really cool thing to play games with, and the twins were quite entertained by it too. You can configure the play area to be as large as 8'x9' or pretty small to fit whatever area you need to confine babies in. I think it'll come in handy, and I know the nanny will use it to keep a baby safely confined while she takes the other baby upstairs for nap time/diaper changes. She admitted she's freaked to leave a baby alone downstairs while she's upstairs with the other one so I thought I needed to provide something that would alleviate her anxiety.

Claire had a good day at preschool and lots of fun playing at the neighbor girl's house. I also took her out to lunch and to the triplet house to buy the play zone, so she had a busy day. Somehow she's still awake at nearly 9:30pm. Where does she get that energy?

I was supposed to be in the office for my weekly team meeting, but has often happened, my boss cancelled it as I was literally driving to the office. So I turned around, went back home, and finished my work in relative peace while the twins napped and Claire was at the neighbor's house.

Tomorrow: so glad it's Friday! I'm ready for the weekend already.

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