Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Low-Key Weekend

I'm not liking this new Monday/Wednesday/half-day Thursday work schedule so far - it means I'm in the same rush Sunday night as the rest of the world. Laundry, clean up the house, get ready for the nanny, get prepared for the week. My old schedule of working from home on Mondays provided a little extra buffer that really seemed to help us each week.

I'm in another new predicament too. I've never had a constipated baby, and I do today. Molly is having trouble pooping and cries when she tries to go. Her third attempt today may have flushed her system, but I'll find out (from the nanny) tomorrow. I feel badly for the child. If this continues past tomorrow I'll take her to the clinic tomorrow night.

Our weekend was basically spent tracking down party favors for a birthday we haven't even planned yet. We purchased Claire's birthday party favors (it's not candy!), cheap but cute, and yet I haven't committed to what we're doing for her party yet. I think we'll make a final decision this week. I feel like I morphed into the dreaded Johnson County mother I abhor so much - worrying about a kid's 4th birthday party. But Claire is begging for a party (she's never had one that includes friends) and we feel we can't deny it this year. My goal is to do the whole thing for as close to $200 as we can - not the hundreds and hundreds the typical JoCo mother spends on a kid birthday.

So it was another low-key weekend, going to tap & ballet class, running errands, getting Claire a haircut (only her third in her life), and dealing with the never-ending rain. We also attempted to wean the babies from their lunchtime bottle, forcing an actual lunch meal, so they are a bit out of sorts as they deal with that adjustment. My goal is to have them weaned down to at most two bottles by the week of their first birthday. We are also getting them used to cow's milk (in small doses, in a cup) so the shift from formula to cow's milk won't be such a shock. We'll soon be getting a monthly raise when we stop buying cans and cans of formula each month!

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