Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Kitchen Break

Today was Claire's second tap dance lesson (see photo). We are also officially in the minivan now, with the carseats set up and the Volvo getting prepped for a good cleaning and for sale. In fact, the carseat event took most of our afternoon (repeat of 4th of July), but at least it's done. Kyle finally drove the van for the first time and he complained (as I expected) but he'll get over it once he's writing that much smaller car payment check each month.

It was a dreary, rainy day here. Claire and I had the tap dance and lunch outing, but then we were home all afternoon setting up the carseats in the minivan. To ease the cabin fever, we got the kids out for dinner and then walked around the open-air mall afterwards before rushing home for kid bedtimes. I cleaned the baby bottles for the day, but other than that I did absolutely no cleaning in the kitchen which is amazing - but with a lunch out and a dinner out there was no need.

I have gone back and hired the other nanny candidate so we actually have childcare coverage for next week. I was so desperate to line up care that I haven't even checked her references yet, so I'm still a little anxious about her. All in all, this round of nanny hiring has been a bust. Not fun at all. Summer nannies are so much easier to find with all the college kids out of school.

Yesterday, Friday, my manager was on vacation so there is no update from work on this new work-from-home policy and how it impacts my schedule going forward. So the work stress remains.

Friday night we took the kids out for pizza so we got a break from the kitchen last night too! Photo of the twins is from last night after dinner. Their outfits are adorable (a baby gift from a family friend).

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