Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holding Pattern

I'm in a holding pattern as I wait for my manager to make a decision about whether he'll defy convention - our new one day work-from-home policy - and allow me my same flexibility, or whether he will walk the line and require me to be in the office four days (which won't work for our family). I believe he'll walk the line. Whatever the case, it was a stressful day and I didn't sleep very well last night either. I didn't have the focus for my job or for the kids. I just needed some peace and quiet to think through my options, and I didn't get any of that. At 9pm, I'm just now getting some peace, but I'm too curious to watch the RNC and see what this Palin candidate says so that will kill my thinking time tonight.

It just felt like a loooooooong day, and it's not over yet. Claire is wide awake upstairs and singing loudly.

And I don't have the minivan yet either. It was pouring rain today (thanks hurricane Gustav), so I didn't feel like dragging the kids out without Kyle's help to go sign papers for 45 minutes. The plan is to do this tomorrow.

So tomorrow is the second preschool day and I was wrong - it is a "full" day until 11:30am. Tomorrow Kyle is also home with the kids while I buy the car and go into the office. I'm just having a hard time getting excited about work when I don't know what's going to happen with my job. It's very discouraging, and scary too.

Tonight's photo is after dinner (hence the diaper-only babies again, we do strip them down for meals), when the twins were chasing each other around doing the same thing. They like the handle on the freezer door. It's a handy bar for help in standing up.

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