Monday, September 22, 2008

As Luck Would Have It

I never, ever should have mentioned Molly sleeping through the night in my previous post. Of course ... of course ... that meant she woke up at 4:30am last night looking for a bottle. Ho hum. That's the last time I mention her sleeping habits until I've got at least 1 month of consistent sleeping out of her.

So that's my bad luck. My good luck? Well, my WFH status was approved by my Director and HR. I'm officially official. I feel like the luckiest employee ever. Hope my new status doesn't backfire on me some day.

So that should have been a good day for me, but then I returned home at 5pm to utter baby chaos. It seems the nanny is still struggling to figure out feedings and nap times so the babies were underfed and tired this evening. Lily was truly out of control. I wish I could video her crying, just so the rest of you could experience it. No matter what the cause of the crying - getting hurt, getting a toy taken away by Claire (or me), or being left in a room by herself - she is at a point in her development where she goes into full blown meltdown, turning red, shaking violently, and screaming like she just broke three bones in her body. It's tough to watch, and tougher to listen to. My nerves were frayed tonight.

And then I watched my guilty pleasure - CSI Miami, and no less the season premier - and I've calmed down a bit. And now it's time for bedtime, as I assume Molly will pull another night waking. Good night.

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