Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pool Party

Today I had some relief from my circus. I was "allowed" to sleep in (something I try to demand from the husband every weekend) and we had a birthday party for a friend's 5-year-old girl twins to attend this afternoon. In the whirlwind of preparing for this pool party, I was able to focus mainly on Claire and leave the twins to Kyle. We got home at 6pm - with Fusion Chinese take-out in tow, of course (can we discuss our take-out budget since the pregnancy? How's about $340 for last month alone?) - and so I saw the twins for dinner and the bedtime routine and I feel like that's about it. I'll get plenty more of them tomorrow during another WFH day. Aaaah, Monday, back to the grind tomorrow.

And you'd think that watching my friend's 5-year-old twins would provide me some light at the end of the tunnel, and I suppose it does somewhat, but what I really do see is just a different set of challenges. Sorry, I can be a glass-is-half-empty kind of gal sometimes. Or when I'm being nicer to myself, I call myself a realist.

I'm going to take my realist self to the shower now, because when will I get a decent shower with work and three kids taking my time tomorrow?

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