Sunday, June 22, 2008

Water Babies

The babies had their first pool experience today! They LOVED it. We went swimming between the morning and afternoon naps and pushed the afternoon nap back an hour (at least) and they both managed to stay happy the whole time. They were also, as you would guess, asleep in the car within 2 minutes on the drive home. In fact, even Claire fell asleep on the way home ... and then wouldn't wake up for two hours. So all three kids were sleeping upon returning home which is a rare event in our household. Kyle joked that Claire must be getting sick (Lily's sickness) and would you believe it? The kid woke up from her nap coughing. Urgh. Sigh. So here we go again. We are Compromised Immune System Central.

So how did we take three kids swimming without one drowning? We are lucky to be members of a community center with a fantastic kid pool that is no more than 3 feet deep and has a zero-depth entrance. Claire could run around somewhat freely and we knew she was reasonably safe (they have lifeguards all over, and we watched her at every minute even if we weren't next to her at all times). Kyle and I each took care of a baby except for the times the twins sat in the zero-depth area and then I could watch them both while Kyle and Claire played in the water together. It really was a great afternoon.

Papa (my dad) came over for dinner tonight so we had extra entertainment for the day. After a nice dinner (except for the usual Lily meltdown at dinnertime), Claire, Papa, and I played some "softball" outside until the bugs started eating on us too much. Molly has already woken up this evening so it could potentially be a bad night of sleep for me. She's still teething plus she's probably getting the latest round of cooties herself. I forgot the Motrin tonight. Big mistake.

Next up: a WFH day tomorrow with at least two sick kids, and a dentist appointment in the afternoon for me. So if the day is going really poorly, I suppose I can count the dentist time as a "break".

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