Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daddy's Home Again

I feel really proud that I've come away from my 2+ days of single parenting unscathed. The husband returned just after 4pm this afternoon. By that time, we'd had a full morning, a lunch at McDonald's, two rounds of baby naps, clean up and laundry time, and play-in-the-backyard time. Claire was in a great mood .... until daddy got home. She asked to go ride her new (big girl) bike, and when we asked her to put on her Nike's (instead of flip flops) she threw a tantrum. It seems the adjustment back to a double-parenting household wasn't going well for her. She told us she "didn't want to have parents" in the midst of her tantrum. Ahhhhhh, OK.

We finally made it to an empty and level parking lot where Claire could practice on this new big bike and then it was Lily who couldn't handle the event. She fussed and fussed so we finally headed back home with a quick stop at the Thai take-out place for dinner. Lily is just not feeling good. No one else seems to be sick, so I'm still confused where this came from. Molly, for her part, is teething so I had an awful night of sleep last night. She cries out in her sleep, wakes up a lot, and just can't get comfortable. So tonight I gave her Motrin and I'm hoping that helps a little. Anything that allows me extra sleep is a good thing right now. And speaking of which, I'm looking forward to my sleep-in time tomorrow morning as my reward for single parenting the last few days.

Oh! And a milestone today: I walked in to find Lily standing in the crib. She had pulled up to standing on her own. Time to lower the mattresses again!

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