Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Clean Up On Aisle 9

You know it's an exciting day here when I double post. Mainly, I found another good article off (my favorite on-line time waster, but hey, I'm learning something, right?). It saves me all the time and effort to write what this lady already wrote. I'll just say "I concur". Now you moms (and dads, I suppose), you need to go read this:

It's just past 8:30pm here. The twins are, thankfully, asleep. In all our pooping excitement today, I barely noticed they weren't napping again this afternoon. So they were exhausted this evening. Molly took a brief nap until Claire's yelling woke her up. I tried to feed Lily dinner by quickly shoving in baby foods (remember, that's not her favorite), but she screamed screamed screamed out of exhaustion so I gave up and gave her a bottle. Kyle arrived home with the aforementioned take-out. Molly woke up. I went upstairs to get Molly while Kyle got Claire's dinner ready. I heard a sound, something like this - "blurp" - and knew something was bad. I peeked over the balcony, and yep, Lily had puked up the entire dinner I just fed her. She then crawled off, trailing the puke along the rug. I threw my hands up in the air and told Kyle that he was on clean-up duty for the rest of the evening, including the rug job. Thanks, guys, but I'm done. Mommy's all tapped out tonight.

I'm not sure if Claire's asleep yet (likely not) and I've not yet made a decision about work tomorrow but I'm leaning toward staying home except for the team meeting I should attend. We have lots of org changes occurring at work so tomorrow's meeting will be important.

What's nagging at me about the situation is that another twin mother and colleague of mine, who operates on my same schedule (2 days in office/3 days at home), just got an email from her boss today (ugh, an email, he couldn't even call her ...) telling her she needs to be in the office 4 days/week going forward. So she's panicking and I'm realizing that my time is coming. And I know I will have some tough decisions to make at that point.

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