Saturday, June 28, 2008


Mmmmmmmm, ketchup. Claire eats it by the spoonful. It makes my stomach lurch to watch this. When she was 18 months old, it was funny. Nearing 4 years old, it's not so funny anymore. I wish I could really believe it's a healthy thing, but I assume it's got loads of sugar and salt. We grilled hamburgers tonight and Claire decided she and daddy would picnic outside. Mommy had to stay inside with the babies. I can't decide if I felt shunned or whether I enjoyed the break from the chatterbox at dinner time. The photo was taken at her picnic dinner.

A slow day here. I slept until lunchtime. Really. And boy do I feel like a new person. We got the kids out shopping to buy Claire a pair of closed-toed shoes that she can wear to camp (she is refusing to wear the adorable Nike's we bought her, and camp won't allow open-toed shoes). Then the babies needed their next nap so we came home. I ran to the grocery store - alone! - while Kyle and Claire cleaned a new (used) work truck Kyle purchased. All the kids got baths after dinner, and Lily decided that dunking her face multiple times in the water was appropriate (though I was trying to show her that it was not) and then it was bedtime for all three. With waking up at lunchtime, that feels like a very short (unproductive) day to me. And easy.

I think Molly's ears are improving. She wasn't cranky today. She is, however, pooping every time she eats so that's not a good sign. Her diaper rash is pretty darned bad. Lily is tolerating the Omnicef reasonably well but she had a couple big poops today. Sometimes I'm amazed how much my world is ruled by poop.

Tomorrow our plans are still undecided, though I just realized we're running low on diapers so I know we'll have a Sam's Club run tomorrow. More kid supplies. With $200 dropped on the two carseats Friday night, and diapers and such tomorrow, that means the twins will cost us about $250 for the weekend. Add in Claire's shoes and maybe a lunch out with everyone tomorrow and it'll easily be a $300 weekend for kid supplies and entertainment. Sheesh.

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