Sunday, June 29, 2008

Twin Talk

It's just too much fun to put the twins in the same swing together. Of course one must be careful not to swing hard enough to do some head bonking between them. Lily LOVES swinging - we get the biggest grins out of her when she's swinging. Molly is petrified. Holds her breath kind of petrified. And when you can force a laugh out of her, it's a half laugh/cry. What amazes me is that my more outgoing baby (Molly) is a scaredy cat and my shy baby (Lily) is a complete daredevil. For some reason those traits don't seem to match up to me. Lily likes to be tossed high in the air, hung upside down, swung really high. Molly cries if you do any of this to her.

Another low-key day here. We obviously had a visit to the neighborhood park, and we did get the kids out for lunch and for the $114 Sam's Club trip (1 box diapers, 1 box wipes, 2 cans of formula). Other than that, I stuck around home and did some organizing, and Kyle and Claire went out to measure a patio. The most amusing part of our day today was the car ride between lunch and Sam's Club. Lily started talking/singing/making noises, and Molly started doing it back to her, and this went on forever. I guess we're finally entering the "twin talk" phase, where they have little conversations with each other that no one else understands. We also bunked them in the same room for naps all weekend, and for the afternoon nap they stayed awake an extra hour because they "talked" back and forth between the cribs. It's absolutely hysterical to watch and listen to. I wish we had a video camera.

I took a brisk walk tonight - aaaah, perfect weather tonight - with my twin mom friend where we laughed about the twin talk thing. And it's a good thing I got that walk, because Kyle informed me that Claire stayed up past 10pm so my WFH day tomorrow is likely to be a tough one. Claire will be tired, bratty, and ultra mad I'm on my laptop all day. Here we go again.

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