Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day and First Fish

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. We were hoping to have a swimming pool day but another, yet another, thunderstorm rolled in at pool time. We stuck close to home and the storm blew over and we headed to the petting zoo near our house instead. We are amazingly lucky to live 2-minute's drive from this incredible (and free) petting zoo/park where you can kill hours of time with happy kids. Claire has been begging to go fishing at the fishing pond the last several trips, so today we told her we had one hour and she could fish if she wanted. We walked out to the fish pond but the booth that sells the worms and fishing poles was closed. We started to tell Claire that we would have to wait until the next trip, but we found a couple poles lying around so we "borrowed" one and Kyle creatively used Claire's granola bar as bait and lo and behold the kid caught her first fish! She was proud of herself but then freaked when it fell off the hook and flopped around on the dock. The photo captures her mix of awe and disgust.

After the petting zoo closed we zipped home to get ready for a dinner with my father. He lives just over half an hour away so this takes quite a bit of organization to get the twins ready for an event like this ... we had to give them their antibiotics early, pack dinner foods, pack PJs, pack diapers & wipes, bottles, pacifiers, night-night (security) blankets, and so on. However, I was amazed with how well the babies did at dinner. Very little fussing (unlike at home each night). We made a pit stop at Dad's afterwards to give the babies their bedtime bottle and change them into PJs (assuming they'd fall asleep on the drive home). They were ecstatic over the new environment and the drive home had them out of sorts so they stayed awake well over an hour past normal bedtime. Tomorrow could be a tough WFH day for me thanks to this evening!

Every time we've taken the twins out recently we get asked if we have one boy and one girl twin. I've been watching closely and have determined everyone thinks Lily is the boy twin. It must be her nose and lips, which are bigger than Molly's and more boyish. So today I went all out and did the white-trash "sprout hair" hairstyle and put them in dresses so there would be no confusion. I had to share a photo of the sprout hair. I haven't heard Kyle laugh like that in a long time when he first saw their hair today. And do I dress my twins alike? Heck yeah folks. I only get a year or two to enjoy the matchy matchy clothes thing so let me enjoy it for a while. When they start picking out their own clothes they can wear whatever they want at that point. For now, don't begrudge me my fun.

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