Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Office Space

Live from Kansas City, folks, is my very own real-life Office Space moment!

I "got" to go to work today. But after you hear about my idiocy, you'll realize I should have stayed home. MUCH better to have stayed at home. I am now the butt of all the office jokes [hee hee, no pun intended, you'll get the comment in a minute].

The short of it is this - and this is no exaggeration and I can locate witnesses if needed - I took a bathroom break, walked across the building to the supply closet for Kleenex and a CD, asked the admin for help with locating a CD, and walked back to my desk. Had a nice conversation at the admin's desk with her and two of my male colleagues. Saw many folks while I spent this 15 minutes jaunting around the office floor.

I get back to my desk and the admin is RACING toward me and motions that I have, YES, I have, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS, I have tucked my skirt into the waistband of my panties so I've been walking around baring my backside for all to see. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. I didn't think this happened to real people - only people in funny movies - until now. After this happened, the string of emails I received and all the visits from people heckling me was just insane. I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. And I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I have officially entered a place in office lore where people will never be able to see me as a professional again. I'll just be "the flasher".

Upon returning home, I learned that Claire had thrown a full-blown tantrum on the nanny because the nanny wouldn't let her watch a "big kid" show on tv. I was mortified. I had no excuses this time other than she's still running on a sleep deficit. The evening with the kids went reasonably well but honestly, anything could have happened at home tonight and it would still pale in comparison to my Office Space moment at work today. There's just no getting over that one easily. It's always good to have a little perspective thrown into this childrearing thing. Public humiliation seems a bit worse than the 3-ring circus at my house!

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