Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Summertime!

The baby pool has made an appearance today - the photo shows all the joy of this moment. We got suckered into the world of Toys R Us today and purchased a baby pool with a slide and a water & sand table. This, I'm thinking, will be better entertainment on my WFH days than 9 hours of cartoons on Noggin. I haven't talked much about Claire so far. For now, suffice it to say that our pediatrician was right - two has nothing on three. The "terrible twos" are child's play compared to three. Add on bringing home baby twins to being three years old, and you've got yourself a very combustible combination. We've had a tough year with Claire (and what scares me the most is thinking I'll have TWO of these little 3-year-old beasts some day). We've gone hard-core Super Nanny on Claire and we now have a "star chart" to help moderate her behavior (in fact, the water table is her reward for getting a week's straight of stars). I have to give that star chart (and Super Nanny) some credit - it really does work. For the first month of her chart days, it was awful. We had a horrid time with her throwing fits over losing stars. Her daily reward for an "all star" day is chocolate (this is her currency), so we had many, many tantrums over not getting chocolate after a bad day. But about 4-6 weeks into being VERY consistent with the rules (per the chart), she mellowed out and things have gotten a bit easier. Sure, we still have bad days - I'll be sure to let you know about them of course - but at least it's not a crazy daily battle with her anymore. It also helps that she has now somewhat adjusted to the twins and they are getting far more interesting to her because they are like little people rather than needy blobs.

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