Friday, June 13, 2008

The Metal Milestone

The first thing my babies do once they have crawling mobility is to make it over to the fireplace thingy - what is it, the gas starter or something? - and spend at least 10 minutes per day licking the metal. Huh? What is the DEAL? Claire did it as a baby, and now the twins have dutifully put in their time licking the metal too. Molly is my latest "crawler" - she's only army crawling now, no belly off the ground just yet - so she's just discovered the joys of cold metal on the tongue. It's the darndest thing. My picture today captures her turn.

And back to the news of my daily grind, I just have to shout THANK YOU CULTURELLE! This is not paid advertisement. But this stuff saved my life today. The pediatrician's office recommended I try this brand of probiotic (versus my usual sprinkles) to stem the tide of poop and we followed the direction last night. We only had one blowout today, and it was quite minor (though looked like Molly had been shot in the gut - anyone ever see blood red colored poop from Omnicef?). My day became manageable because of this. Additionally, it was another really, really slow Friday work day, so I had a pretty enjoyable WFH day with the kids. Mainly because I wasn't doing much of that work part. I somehow got the babies to nap on the exact same schedule, and that allowed me to take the kids out to lunch and to the mealsmith place again (those pork chimichangas are great) and Babies R Us to exchange a bathing suit for Claire. Then Claire and I played outside for a couple hours while the babies napped again. We put dried pinto beans in the water & sand table and played games with those (that reminds me, I need to clean those out tonight before they get rained on). Claire was SO much happier with me than had I been hunched over my work laptop. When the babies awoke, I packed up the kids again and took them over to the outdoor shopping mall to pick up our favorite spaghetti for dinner and we lucked into an art fair at the mall. So while we waited on the food, we listened to music, looked at art, sampled popcorn, got a free frisbee and a free set of colored pencils for Claire, and got lots of attention from people because of the twins. And if you're wondering, I get as many comments from males as I do from females which actually still surprises me. The nicest comment I got about the twins tonight was from an older gentleman - he said "now that's a cute picture (the way the twins were sitting in the stroller touching each other), forget buying any art here, just take a photo of that and it's much better".

The other fascinating thing is how many people are adamant my twins are identical. Are you joking? Have you actually looked at my kids? There's nothing alike about them!

All in all, days don't get too much better than this when you have baby twins. I think we lucked out today. The only unfortunate time of the day was dinner time. Lily was overtired and we had to put her in her bed while we ate. Molly handled herself well despite her fatigue (which is rare for her too) and really took to the spaghetti noodles. It was hysterical watching her eat them. Now we've gotten all three kids to bed (though Claire is currently yelling to daddy) and I can finally relax a little and look forward to my sleep-in time tomorrow morning. I assure you it's well deserved.

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