Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

I still have a job.

I also had a fantastic weekend. With weather in the 70s, I got the kids outdoors as much as possible. Saturday we went to two parks, out to lunch and dinner, and a colleague's country house for a Fall party. On a rare "to hell with our schedule" night (about a once a year thing for me), the kids and I didn't get back to the house until nearly 9:30pm last night so that we were able to enjoy s'mores over a fire and a long hayride that Claire and Molly thought was fantastic. We saw deer in the night and people night fishing on a lake, and Claire can't stop talking about it. Molly was even so enamored with the hayride she keeps asking for "more" today. Lily wasn't so sure about the deal but she did like seeing all the stars we normally can't see in the city.

Today we spent some time at a park and a nice walking area before Claire and I had to do the usual weekly grocery trip. I suffered through a Walmart run mid-day today, and other than the shock of hoards of people and screaming kids, I remain amazed by the grocery prices at that place. Problem is, I can rarely handle the crush of people there, so I don't go often enough. I actually had a migraine headache last night and was in bed before 10pm, and the Walmart trip brought back a small part of that headache.

The girls have been great fun this weekend - nice weather and outdoors time tends to help with the happiness factor. Here are some of our photos from this weekend ...

... and tomorrow, I'll have no gripes about returning to the grind. At least I have "a grind" to return to.

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