Friday, November 20, 2009

A Shearing

Hair people always get it wrong when they cut long hair. If you tell them "cut three inches", they cut four or five, maybe thinking you have some to spare. I know this because I have long hair and it happens to me every time. So I should have known better than to tell the kids' hair lady to cut about four inches off Claire's hair. Instead, I believe the lady chopped about six inches, and Claire's hair is above her shoulders for the first time ever. I'm still in shock - she does not look like the same kid anymore. I am partial to long hair on little girls, so this will take some adjustment.

Molly and Lily thought the hair place was fantastic fun, so I'll include a couple photos of them enjoying the hair salon too. But mainly, I'm going to show off Claire's new haircut. She looks older!

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