Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Lunch And No Cook Fridays

I have determined that the "long lunch hour" (say, 11am-1:30pm) and "no cook" Friday (Waffle House for lunch, pizza or something else for dinner) is the happiest way to celebrate the end of the week. The kids also like the schedule, with the break from the house and standard routine being great for moods all around. Today we had the usual lunch (Molly even shouted "Waffle House!" in the car on the drive over, which is a first-time event for her) and played in another neighborhood park. I've recently been illegally crashing some other neighborhood parks (really, I am), but we treat the parks nicely and leave happy, so somehow it doesn't feel as wrong as it likely is. Here are today's photos of the girls playing at the park after lunch ....

... and the day closed with me taking the girls to dinner at Chili's (Molly despised it and wouldn't eat) and then out for frozen yogurt. Kyle, per his usual Friday schedule, got home too late to join us. The only bad part of the day came with another Lily poop smearing in her bed incident, which I'm still coming off the high of that clean-up event. I'm getting really tired of this game of hers, and we've seen a recent resurgence of this activity with even the nanny getting stuck with poop clean up twice lately. After about the fifth time, you can't help but wonder what the fascination is and why a child won't learn to stop herself when the punishment is so uncomfortable. Today I tried the cold shower approach - I read it on several parenting boards on the Internet, so I gave it a shot. Suffice it to say Lily did not enjoy the cold shower, but my guess is she'll still keep diaper diving anyways. I'm out of ideas and open to suggestions for stopping this disgusting behavior. And before you suggest this one, I'll note here that I did have a onesie on her. Problem is, that doesn't stop her. She prefers to snake her hand through the crotch/inner thigh area and dig around that way, and no onesie or duct tape or anything else seems capable of fixing this "gap".

And Claire, well, Claire won't stop coughing. And coughing. She's awake in the middle of the night coughing. Coughs all day. An irritating, dry cough. The cough had started to die down a little (after two weeks of the hacking) but it got immediately bad again after her flu mist the other day (I don't know if there's any correlation, but I did note the coincidence). I can't wait for the cough to disappear.

Tomorrow: Kyle is working, and the girls and I have no plans yet. I love a wide-open unplanned day!

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