Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Can't Shake It

Tonight it was Molly's turn for the ear infection diagnosis. I've had to handle a very unhappy and grumpy Molly for a couple days now, and she's had me up for over two hours in the middle of the night the last two nights. I'm exhausted, and so is she. She's also on the fifth day of running a fever which is very concerning, so I decided to take her in. Sure enough she has a double ear infection without any noticeable congestion. I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in quickly and the fever will be gone by tomorrow. I also hope the both of us sleep through the night.

Claire is still hacking away (though still a dry cough) and at times runs the slightest temperature above normal - around 99 degrees. Lily's temperature seems fine but she is clearly working on her second ear infection in a month's time. Lily is scheduled for ear tubes surgery on November 18, and I predict she'll have had a second ear infection before the surgery. I'm guessing she'll be diagnosed some time over the weekend. Now with Molly having her first infection in four months or more, I will need to do some hard thinking about doing tubes for her also.

We just can't seem to shake these cooties, though none of this week was horrible. The doctor tonight did tell me that no one is testing for H1N1, but it's possible that is what we've experienced. I'm skeptical because this has been too mild for a "real" flu, and neither Kyle nor I even got a touch of real sickness.

I also can't shake my anxiety over tomorrow's job news, though I'm somewhat confident I'll still have a job. There's nothing fun, however, about watching other people lose their jobs even if mine ends up safe. And "safe" is a misnomer here as it sounds as though we'll likely have another round of cuts in first quarter of next year, so the end of this story won't be written tomorrow.

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