Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Curse

The Halloween Curse continues. Two years running we've gotten some kind of cooties over Halloween weekend. Last year, we got the stomach virus. This year, we've got something ... it could be H1N1, or some other kind of flu virus ... we're in the throes of it so I don't have any answers yet. All three kids have fevers, and these fevers yo yo up and down, up and down. Molly threw up once this morning. Amazingly, all three kids' moods are great, so I am thoroughly confused by this whole deal. I'm also stuck at home on a day I'd typically be in the office. I've got the twins napping now after a dose of Motrin but that may not last long - Molly's last temperature measured at 102 degrees and rising.


Claire did end up being allowed to trick or treat because she did not have a fever Saturday night, so the twins helped me pass out candy while Kyle and Claire walked the neighborhood. I am personally not a big fan of the holiday, plus I was petrified about the flu hitting our household, so I don't have many costume or pumpkin photos worth sharing. We spent 45 minutes or so at a park yesterday and I got some good pictures of the kids before I realized that all three were coming down with the same thing ....

... and so now I'm hanging on, waiting to see how this virus plays itself out, and hoping I don't end up sporting a 102-degree fever myself.

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