Saturday, November 14, 2009

Resignation Letter

To whom it may concern:

Effective immediately, I resign my position of "Mother".

The child named "Molly" just spiked a 102-degree fever. Runny poops are occurring. In this recent "Mother" role, I have not had a break from kid sicknesses for three weeks. This should constitute some form of hazard pay, yet I am not receiving this. Instead, I've been receiving a large dose of crankiness, sleeplessness, and hassle, along with the financial drain of lots of co-pays to doctors.

I currently do not feel well suited to the role of "Mother" and plan to take a long vacation on a warm beach somewhere, taking care of only my needs. I am confident there are far more energetic, patient, and loving candidates you can locate for this role of "Mother".

I wish you and these children well in the future.


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