Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Duty

For some reason, no one accepted my resignation letter.

So I'm still on sick duty, listening to Claire hack away, and monitoring Molly's temperature. Molly's temp hit a peak of 103 degrees or higher tonight before I gave her a strong dose of Motrin before bed. Bless her heart, the kid is trying be playful, but it's hard when temperatures get that high.

I did go to work today, but after picking up Claire at preschool I spent some time with Molly over the lunch hour. I gave her Motrin and Gatorade and sat with her until I felt comfortable going back to work. At that time, her fever was about 102.7, but dropped to just over 100 with the Motrin which I knew would allow her some much-needed nap time.

Kyle is sick. I am sneezing like crazy, my nose is a little runny, but if I stay this "well" then I can't complain. What amazes me is my mommy immune system - it took me about three years of motherhood to get it, but thanks to being surrounded by kid germs, I get sick a relative few times compared to the kids and it's usually pretty mild (though the stomach virus always gets me). I hope the mommy immune system carries me through the next few days because I can't afford to get deathly ill and take care of three kids. Kyle tends to go to work and lend very little assistance even when I'm sick, so I hope I don't end up in that awful situation.

The one kid who isn't noticeably sick is Lily, and that's the good news. Her tubes are scheduled for Wednesday morning. She seems to be running about a 99-degree fever so that may call off the "surgery", but many doctors do not count anything under 100 as a fever for a child. We need her to stay well so the surgery can proceed.

And I need some relief from the kid cooties. I want happy, healthy children again.

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