Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Molly's new obsession is telling me about 20 times a day how old she is. She puts her fingers in a perfect "two" position, and says, "Momma, dee [two]!"

So here's the conversation at snack time today:

Molly: "Momma, dee [two]!"

Me: "That's right! And Claire is five."

Molly: "Momma, old."

I laughed so loudly I scared the child. Admittedly, the nanny spent a little time the other day trying to teach the twins to say "mommy is old" (she thought that would be easier to say than my age), but I have not yet heard the twins say it and the nanny thought her teachings were not successful. So I was very surprised and tickled to hear it today!

For the sick kid update, I've decided if you have to get a virus, this is THE virus to get. The kids' fevers have continued to yo yo up and down, but even at 102 degrees I have perfectly mannered and happy children. It's like the fever doesn't phase them. The worst part of this is Claire's coughing - she woke up the house at 4am last night from a coughing fit. I struggled to get back to sleep. The twins, however, have never even started coughing; in fact, their only symptom is the odd fever. We've kept Claire out of school so far this week and I'm debating sending her tomorrow. In fact, we hadn't left the house for two days until I decided Claire could handle ice skating lessons tonight which did us all some good - everyone needed the break from home. I've got the nanny coming tomorrow and I'm going into the office, assuming the kid fevers will stay the same or improve.

I've also got to be in the office this Friday. My manager is requiring that we are in the office on Friday to hear if we've still got a job, so Kyle has agreed to stay home with the kids that day. Hopefully I close out the week still gainfully employed.

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