Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moon Marble Company

It's probably not common to meet folks from Norway and England in one place in good ole Bonner Springs, Kansas, but it seems the Moon Marble Company gets some international acclaim.

I took Claire out for our first visit to the marble "factory" to watch how marbles are made and to pick out a bucket full of marbles to bring home (always good for the twins to choke on, you see). Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the marble making process, but I got a few of Claire in the marble store. Beyond the millions of marbles, the store also boasts a great selection of toys and games.

Claire found the marble making process, blow torch thingy and all, fascinating enough to request that we sit through a second round of the demonstration session. Here are our photos from this afternoon (those are marbles in those bins, not candy!) ...

... and now I'm wrapping up a 4-day weekend with house chores, a nice long shower, and a little television for the night. Personally, I think my sister's trip to St. Bart's still sounds just a little bit better than this, though I did enjoy our afternoon marble trip.

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