Saturday, November 28, 2009

Should Have Been A Perfect Day

Today we enjoyed a spectacular 70-degree day in Kansas City - sunny and mild perfection. It should have been a perfect Saturday.

Except for the bronchitis diagnosis. For me. Which makes it clear that Claire's four weeks of coughing have probably left her in the same spot. Dragging three kids into a doctor's appointment for myself is never fun, but it was over quickly (and I tried to prove to the twins that mommy doesn't cry when the doctor checks her over). The tetanus shot I asked for will soon bring great arm soreness, but my biggest problem is the chest muscle pain from coughing too much the past couple weeks. I feel like someone kicked me in the ribs. It's very uncomfortable, particularly when coughing or straining. But all in all, I don't feel too bad other than the intense rib soreness.

So this time, the $20 copay was for me. Not wanting to get hit with another pediatric clinic $25 copay, I decided to treat Claire's symptoms in the same manner prescribed for me. I'll follow this regimen for a couple days, and if her coughing doesn't improve, then I will take her into the doctor.

Claire and Kyle finished the Christmas tree last night ...

... and Claire, the twins, and neighbor Ashley all had fun early this evening playing in the back yard together ...

... and yes, those are brooms they are using to "rake" the leaves. I am definitely sad to see Sunday come so quickly. This short work break has felt too short with Claire staying up too late each night (last night was 1am), no one catching up on sleep, and all the coughing and fatigue going on. And currently Kyle and Claire are complaining of a stomach ache so we could be in for a real ride now.

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