Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shopping Is Fun!

Kyle took Claire to work with him today, so I only had the twins to manage alongside my job. With "only" two kids to watch, I took the twins to lunch and to Staples for some office supplies ... but this time, I let both the twins walk freely in the store (it was empty enough for the risk). Woo-hoo! they said (they do say woo-hoo, particularly when they get to take a car ride and they're excited). For the first 10 minutes they followed dutifully and did an amazing job, and then after that Molly got ornery and kept running off. Lily was starting to do the same but I grabbed her hand while tracking down Molly. I did catch the girls looking for a hiding spot together (hiding spot from mommy, that is) ...

... although by the time I got my phone out for the photo Molly was already getting up to run off to the next spot. Molly ended up creating a scene, but even with that embarrassment I enjoyed watching them love the freedom in the store. They were so excited it was hard not to share in some of that. Shopping, it seems, is really fun!

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