Friday, August 7, 2009

Product Testing Day

Kyle spent all night throwing up, so with some trepidation I took the girls out for their product testing photo shoot (me as photographer, that is). I didn't know when, or if, to expect a kid to start spewing today so it seemed crazy to take them in the car, but I took the risk. There's a great area near Town Center with brightly painted Adirondack chairs so I knew it would be a perfect visual for the photos. I'm pretty impressed with how the photos turned out. I'll focus on the photo fun from this morning, but I will note that as of 9pm tonight no one else has started throwing up. Yet. I'm still nervous, and I'm also a little tired from pulling 100% duty today - as one would expect, Kyle didn't lift a finger around the house today. The worst part of the day, however, was not the full-time kid and house duty but the fact the mower woke Molly up so I only got 45 minutes of nap time out of the girls today. That makes for one very long day and very little time for my actual job.

So here's my favorites from the photo session today. Aren't the dresses adorable? I don't think they're going to deal with wrinkles well (I'm washing them now to test the theory), but they are gorgeous and we got stopped by three different women asking where I'd bought the dresses. Well, one lady asked if I'd made them, and after I snickered, I told her the story. I wish I could sew but it's not something I plan to learn in my lifetime.

But my favorite (real life) photo of all has to be the one of Claire, mad and pouting, because she was bored of me taking the twins' photos and wanted to go in the toy store in the shopping area, and I denied her. The contrast to her sisters' happiness in this photo is striking.

I look forward to seeing the girls in these dresses on the Baby Center blog soon.

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