Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kansas City Zoo Visit

On days you push the kids to their limits, you've got to take the bad with the good. And so it went on our first KC Zoo trip with all the kids. All three girls loved the zoo, but we had some cranky moments. Claire went into a funk over the boat and train (we rode both, just not on her timetable), Molly didn't transition well between interesting areas, and Lily was fine until the end when she was tired and whiny. The worst part of the day actually came this afternoon and evening at home, when the twins didn't get enough nap time and struggled to keep their composure. But I'd do it all over again for the sheer joy of watching my kids enjoy the boat ride, the train ride, and several of the animal favorites.

So here's the damage:
Total ticket price: $28
All-you-can ride train tickets: $15
Boat ride: $6
A horrible lunch: $31.50

Fortunately the twins are under two and still free, and I quickly learned the lesson of taking a picnic lunch for the next visit.

I took some great animal photos, but instead I'll post the ones of the kids. Here's Claire loving the train ride ...

... and Claire loving the boat ride ...

... and the twins fascinated by the elephant ...

... and the "daddy train" stroller ride ...

... and my favorite of all, a not-so-private moment between Molly and daddy to fix a poop diaper (um, the zoo could accommodate the diaper crowd a little better, but I hear the antelopes were entertained by the diaper change) ...

... priceless.

Too bad our perfect outdoorsy weekend has to end.

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