Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm confused. It's August 18, yet the leaves are turning yellow and falling to the ground. Claire and neighbor Ashley raked leaves tonight (with a broom) ...

... and jumped in (admittedly small) piles of leaves. I think it's still supposed to be summer, yet we've never had that super hot, long July or August stretch that keeps us indoors, and our lawn has never once turned brown. We've had more rain than I ever remember in a summer.

I'm not complaining. I don't like scorching heat, so this has been a fantastic summer for outdoor play. The problem is our tomato plants aren't getting enough sun or heat and we've only eaten two of our own tomatoes (the other two ripe ones were stolen by some garden bandit still unidentified). We've got 30+ tomatoes growing, but all green, and all hard as rocks, and they seem forever stuck in the same growth stage.

So, Mother Nature, please send us some heat and burning sun. Quit raining. Help mature those tomatoes a little, and then you can go back to giving us a fantastically mild summer.

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