Monday, August 3, 2009

Kid In A Candy Store

I played hooky from work today. In my defense, it was all unplanned (mostly). And I never once played hooky in school so I'm not the usual truant type. I still answered all my emails and took three work calls (from my car), so other than being absent from my actual work cubicle I put in a decent day's work. But yes, I took advantage of an 11am dentist appointment in my hometown to ditch my office day, take Claire along, and walk down memory's lane. I was like a kid in a candy store. And here is Claire being a kid in a candy store - the very same candy store I frequented as a child ...

Claire and I also enjoyed a nice lunch, bought an outfit apiece for each of the girls, and walked one full block of downtown. Her favorite stores were the "antique" stores (somewhat like antique pawn shops), filled with trinkets and junk that would take us weeks to investigate properly. Claire was particularly taken with the old phones in the stores.

We returned home to a terrifically cranky Lily, but even her mood did not remove the afterglow from our stolen hours today. I now see why skipping school maintains its popularity.

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