Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elusive Fun

I'd like to say our whole day was as fun as this photo indicates. It wasn't. Claire only had a brief 30 minutes of fun outside with Ashley and other neighbors before dinner time.

I had grand, but undefined, plans for today. A new park maybe? Deanna Rose? I wasn't sure, but we were going to have a good day. In preparation for making the most of a sunny 79-degree summer day, I worked 3 1/2 hours last night to get ahead of the work game. Today I made a crockpot meal so there would be no dinner prep tonight (which is the best kind of night around here). I have decided to cut the twins' naps to 2 hours going forward and today I implemented this plan. This would have given us extra hours to enjoy the weather.

Instead, we stayed cooped inside while I worked. And worked (and did five loads of laundry). I just can't seem to get ahead of work no matter how hard I try. My inbox stands at just shy of 700 emails and my 'to do' list (at work, that is) is a mile long.

I got non-stop emails, instant messages, and phone calls from colleagues and customers, so that window to sneak away from my laptop and enjoy the outdoors with the kids was elusive. And as the kids became bored and frustrated, I grew frustrated too.

Lily has a mild fever (cause unknown) and was super cranky this afternoon. Claire was so bored she acted out all day. Molly was the best behaved kid of the day (and she rarely achieves that award). But all three kids were super stir crazy by afternoon time.

I believe Friday's weather is a duplicate of what we had today. If I'm lucky, I hope to pull some flexible hours tomorrow.

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