Monday, August 10, 2009

Language Leap

My parents tell me I never had a "first word" and didn't start speaking until about age two, when the words came spilling out and never stopped. My kids, however, do have first words right before age one, but admittedly, language development comes very slowly after that until about age two when the words do begin tumbling out. And tumbling out they are. Molly is a verbal machine all the sudden (truly all the sudden), with two-word, then three-word, and now five-word sentences, if you count "night night mommy daddy Claire" as a five-word sentence. Of course, let me write that as it's pronounced - "nigh nigh momma dadda Car" - just so we're clear that Mommy The Interpreter is still needed for the outside public.

So the "night night" game has become one of Molly's favorites. There's one particular light switch she can reach, and she turns it on and off, on and off, on and off, expecting us to "sleep" on command while she tells us "night night mommy daddy Claire". Over the weekend I caught Lily and Molly playing the night night game together, and this is what it looks like ....

... which, undoubtedly, is a bit cute. These are the moments when having twins is really great.

Lily is listening to Molly and doing her best to catch up so she is also making verbal progress. She still remains a couple months behind Molly verbally (and with fine motor skills) but she is way ahead of Molly in all the gross motor areas. I imagine by next Spring I'll be wishing I could find the "off" switch on both girls, as I often find myself wondering about Claire who never stops talking.

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