Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Bad Taste

This is one of those weekends that left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. We had some fun moments, certainly, but everyone was grouchy and just generally 'off' even though none of us ever started throwing up as Kyle was before the weekend started. All three kids were up past 10pm last night, which meant the crank factor in our household was pretty high today. I got to sleep in a little both days of the weekend, but that didn't cut my fatigue much. Maybe it was the 100-degree temps this weekend. And two-year molars. And the late nights. Whatever the root causes, I'm hoping tomorrow kicks off a better stretch for the family.

The "highlight" of the weekend was attending the NICU reunion at Shawnee Mission Medical Center today, where we got to see the doctor and nurses that cared for Lily those 15 days she spent in the NICU. They had ice cream and bouncy houses for the kids (only Claire partook of the bouncy houses), but the most exciting part of the event for the twins was the icy swimming pool housing the bottled water ....

... where we battled them continuously over not eating the ice. With 100-degree temps beating down on us we could only stick it out for just over an hour. Before dinner tonight, in our somewhat cooler backyard, I set them up with finger painting for the first time, and they made an absolute goopy mess ....

.... but seemed to enjoy their first painting experience. Fortunately they were stripped to diapers and outside otherwise our house would be trashed.

Here's to hoping we have a few better days ahead of us starting tomorrow.

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