Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

A little bit of a 'blah' weekend here. Molly has been quite cranky (and we have found a large bruised area on her inner thigh, so we're wondering if that is the source of her irritability, but also confused about how she got this) but the other two kids have been fine. I tried to do a restaurant and park outing Friday which was thoroughly unenjoyable due to Molly's mood. Saturday I had a few 'quiet' hours with Claire in the morning (our usual tap/ballet, errands, and Waffle House morning), but beyond that I was stuck at home the remainder of the weekend except for a HyVee trip before the kids' bedtime tonight. So between cabin fever and the cooler temperatures outdoors again, I have felt a little bored.

The gardening experiment continues to progress. Our indoor tomato plants have all sprouted (photo here). The peppers are lagging a little, with only three sprouts so far. We also bought some tomato plants already about 6 inches tall just to ensure we'll end up with tomatoes somehow or another. The outdoor plants got a lot of rain over the last few days so I'm worried about them. A couple seedlings were even unearthed. We'll see how they fare.

I'm doing a brisk toy sales business thanks to Craig's List - I've sold several of our outgrown (infant) toys lately which has supported my lunches-with-the-kids habit. Even so, the basement still looks overly crowded with toys.

Tomorrow: office day, and a little peace.

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