Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Water and Goose Eggs

We're on head injury watch, again. Tonight at the dinner table Molly pushed her chair back from the table like she always does to indicate she was 'done', but instead she somehow pushed herself straight backward with the chair, strapped into the booster seat, crashing to the floor. I frantically tried to break the fall (all seeing this happen in excruciating slow motion) but to no avail. BANG. Molly screaming. Me shaking. Kyle rushing off with Molly to another room (he has a habit of grabbing hurt kids and taking them away from me, which panics me even more).

She has a big knot on the back of her head, a little low on the skull, closer to the neck area, and all I can think of is that actress who just died of a head injury on an easy ski slope. So I've been totally panicked the last three hours.

Before that, the kids were having a great time outside with the water table. When I arrived home from work, Kyle set up the baby gate system outside on the patio (handy way to keep them from running off) while he cleaned up the roofers' mess in our yard and I started dinner. We let them play with the water table which they were ecstatic about (photos show it all) and they got so dirty I had to do bath night tonight. And then Molly slipped and fell in the bathtub for her second fall for the night. If it didn't scare me so much, I'd almost find tonight comical.

I've got a great video but I'll do it in a second post. The twins played with the water for a long time and then all the sudden, while I was filming the video, Molly got the idea to dump water on Lily's head which actually made Lily laugh. I thought it was hysterical so I'm uploading the video for sharing.

I hope, hope that Molly is OK. In fact, it's about time to check on her again. I'll be up all night checking on her. Claire, for her part, seems to be getting sick (how! it's Spring!), so we're in for another round of cooties I'm afraid.

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