Friday, April 24, 2009

Field Trip Day

Today should have been a thoroughly enjoyable day. Claire had a preschool field trip to a pond and the twins and I joined so that I could shuttle Claire to and from the pond myself. The weather was super windy, but warm. I expected the twins would love the change of pace; instead, Molly cried nonstop. Nonstop. So the morning was ruined, and I'm not exactly sure what Molly disliked so much other than the gale force winds which were clearly bothering both of the twins.

The morning hubbub caused the twins to nap for four hours, so I was able to finish up some work and play outside with Claire for a little while. When the twins awoke I expected to do snack and then play a while before dinner, but Lily shattered those plans. She had gone diaper diving again, and her room, hands, bed, and clothes smelled of poop, so I had to bathe her and clean all her clothes and bedding. I spent thirty minutes hunkered down with Lysol wipes and getting her cleaned up. Yes, I was furious, and our afternoon was ruined thanks to Lily's continued fascination with her bodily functions. This is my fourth round of cleaning her and her bed due to diaper diving and what frustrates me the most is she seems uninterested in learning that she shouldn't touch poop. In fact, she seems to have little comprehension of what she did wrong.

Urgh. The only thing that improved my day is I attended the mothers of multiples "garage sale" tonight and picked up a bunch of great stuff for less than $60. I bought 7 pairs of shoes (one pair is even brand new), several items of clothing, and tons of good games (most for Claire and some for the twins). In fact, Claire is still awake playing with her new Leapster games ($3! instead of $25!) - not that I think it's a good idea she's having a late night. And I'm wiped after some bad sleep this week and a couple days of cranky kids (yesterday all three were quite cranky on me all day long).

Tomorrow is dance class and a negotiation with Kyle over how much work time he needs because that always dictates my schedule. Sunday, unfortunately, I am tapped to be in the office at 7am (!) to ensure our billing system conversion goes smoothly. I am feeling super grumpy about this because Sunday is my only day of the week to sleep in and ignore my adult responsibilities for an hour or so. Ah well, it's the price I pay for so much WFH flexibility!

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