Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Few Good Days

Other than a class-act tantrum from Claire this evening, I've really enjoyed the girls the last few days. The highlights are from Friday, where I took the kids to free play at MyGym. Claire seemed mildly bored early on (until she found a girl her age to play with), but the twins were in awe of the ball pit, large trampoline, and all the climbing equipment. Molly had a small accident but other than that they loved the hour of play (and took super long naps afterwards!).

Today I had a nice morning with Claire at tap/ballet, Sam's Club, Home Depot, and Mr. Goodcent's. While the twins napped, we started Claire's "garden", which meant we had to plant the tomatoes and peppers indoors in those little starter pots. Claire is obsessed with doing a garden this summer and I'm all for it if it'll encourage vegetable eating. When the twins woke up, I took everyone back to Deanna Rose where we had a great time as always. Claire found a girl her age she wouldn't leave alone, so the girl's dad and I followed the kids around the park for a couple hours. Photos posted here. Note the car picture - the twins (and particularly Molly) are now obsessed with "driving" the car.

I just returned from my mom-the-easter-bunny HyVee trip where I picked up Easter baskets, balloons, and some candy. The girls are getting an outfit apiece for the holiday and Kyle is doing an Easter egg hunt for Claire with the candy I bought.

I'm catching up on posts after dealing with a migraine-like headache Thursday night that left me feeling "hungover" on Friday. Hope I don't do that again any time soon.

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