Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marriage and Multiples

I can't seem to confirm the statistic anywhere else, but a couple days ago I read that parents of multiples have a 70% higher chance of divorcing compared to other parents. I don't dispute the factoid. Parenting multiples is tough, and particularly tough on marriage.

So in that frame of mind, I enjoyed another CNN.com link today - one written (again) from the man's point of view. And while I completely commiserate with the author (both men and women feel this way), I think his yearning for the past overshadows the learning point he tried to make: marriages change after kids, the day-to-day mundane chores and chaos often get in the way, and it's up to the long-haul couples to find new ways of relating and connecting within the context of children and chores. Yearning for the pre-kids days just doesn't get anyone anywhere. Adaptation is key to marital success.

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