Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Lily is my kid who can't keep her hands off herself. She diaper dives, she digs her fingers in her belly button all day long, she sticks her hands up her shirt and in any pockets she can find in an almost repetitive-motion kind of way (yes, it freaks me out a little). She has also figured out how to unzip jackets, and I've been battling her on keeping her jacket on for a few weeks now. So I knew this was coming ... and it happened tonight: Lily unzipped herself out of her pajamas. We happened to check on the twins after we had already put them to bed because they wouldn't settle down, and Kyle walked in to find Lily stripped down to her diaper. I'm actually surprised she still had the diaper on - I suppose that's the next phase of this houdini clothing act (or we caught her quickly enough). Urgh. And why did I get the kid with this disrobing fascination?!

I've already gotten advice from the pediatrician and from the mothers of multiples group on how to handle the stripping toddler, so I guess we'll have to start altering the PJs to account for this new behavior!

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