Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A New Roof

We never figured out Molly's odd bruise, but I think I figured out some of her mood issue: I fear she's already starting on her 2-year molars. I know, it's early, but she's also the kid who got her first tooth at four months (yes, four). Early teethers stay early teethers, and I just confirmed the norm for 2-year molars is 20-33 months of age, and so at nearly 19 months she'd be right on track for her typical early teething. So that explains the screaming at night tonight, and the very, very (did I say very?) feisty mood of late.

At least I hope we can blame teething. I don't want this to be Molly's normal behavior. Restaurant meals might have to be stopped thanks to her recent inability to sit still, eat, and be quiet.

I do remember Claire being a demon child for her 2-year molars, so this would fit the pattern. Lily is my only child who teethes without noticeable mood alterations.

Our re-roof hasn't helped matters. For the past two days we've been getting a new roof (think "BANG BANG" all day long), so the twins are short on naps and definitely out of sorts. Today Molly cried for nearly an hour before she settled down for her nap.

And for a complete change of pace, Claire went along with Kyle this afternoon, so I only had the twins today other than lunch when all five of us gathered at Arby's. I never, ever have the twins to myself for any length of time so I enjoyed being with them without big sister in the mix. They interact much more effectively without Claire around. The house was also far more peaceful (except for aforementioned BANG BANG) without Claire vying for my attention.

The roof, by the way, looks great. We made a good choice.

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