Monday, April 13, 2009

Poison Control

I placed my third call to Poison Control since having kids tonight, all because Kyle carelessly left his beer in reach of Molly while he was distracted and cleaning up the downstairs. So after Claire started yelling, I ran over to a toddler covered in beer and her breath smelling of the same and I went into full meltdown (there's nothing worse in my book than blatant safety oversights). I called Poison Control and got instructions and then I kept Molly (and Lily) awake a little later for observation time. It's just tough to discern drunken behavior out of a toddler who walks like a drunken sailor, so I kept panicking that she was drunk for the last hour. Anyways, after her sugary treats and drinks (advised by Poison Control) I just put Molly to bed but rest assured I will be checking on her until I go to sleep. I am waiting on Poison Control to call me back. They always give you a courtesy call an hour later to see how the child is doing. But how stupid do I feel making that call? Uh, well, my 18-month-old got hold of my husband's beer .... hmmmm ... sounds a little WT, don't you think?

So not a good night for the household. This comes on the heels of Lily refusing to eat her roasted chicken so I had to force feed the food to her tonight, with all the Lily drama that entails.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the other two times I called Poison Control were because Claire ate a shot of antibacterial gel when she was about 6 months old and Lily got into ant bait at 7 months old. I guess that makes us serious repeat offenders - one call per kid so far and counting.

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