Monday, December 29, 2008

Painting Pottery

I just can't seem to take a full day to myself without mother guilt, so I spent the morning on myself (a knee x-ray and a quiet lunch by myself) and then I picked up Claire for some painting fun. We went back to the place where she took the pottery class and painted the entire afternoon ... like four straight hours. The helpers at the store couldn't believe her patience given her age.

Claire made an adorable plate. I only helped with the ladybugs (I drew the black parts on the ladybugs) and the year, but she did the rest herself. I can't wait to see it once it's done. I picked a contemporary style bowl, my first painting/glazing attempt since childhood, and I was part of the reason we were there four hours - I got a little perfectionist myself about it. I'm interested to see how mine turns out too.

It wasn't a cheap day - $50 for everything and some hot chocolate - but it was good mother/daughter time for us. I'm posting a photo of Claire's plate before it goes in the oven and the colors adjust. I'll take a photo of the finished product when we get it home in a week or so.

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