Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dance Show and More Earaches

Saturday morning was Claire's last tap & ballet class of the session, so family members were invited in to watch a "show". It wasn't a true recital (no costumes, no stage), but the kids got to experience a little stage fright. I've posted some photos here. The whole family went along (Molly was a handful!), and then we had lunch, but then the kids and I were confined to home while Kyle worked for the afternoon and the twins napped.

For a little weather trivia today, the temperature here has dropped more than 40 degrees since lunchtime (and it's now snowing). I believe it was around 60 degrees earlier in the day, and now it's in the teens. Brrrr. This wouldn't be significant, except for trivia purposes, had Claire not mentioned on the phone to my mother that she had an earache. It was 4:40pm. That's 20 minutes until the after-hours clinic closes. Ahhhhhhhh! I'm actually trusting Claire's pain judgment now, so without a second's pause, I raced to pack up three kids - without coats - into the car, sped to the clinic, and got there with eight minutes to spare. The door was locked. While Molly screamed and Claire whimpered from the cold (the wind chill must have made it about zero degrees), I had to call directory assistance, get connected to the clinic, and then have the door opened. The clinic staff wasn't happy to see us. For punishment, they left us in a room for 40 minutes ... despite being the only patient in the building ... so I dealt with a very squirmy, whiny, hungry Molly while I waited on the doctor to confirm Claire's earache. Yes, she has one, and might even have strep but we didn't even confirm that knowing the antibiotics would cover her.

It's never ending.

Imagine my disgust when I learned that Kyle heard about a possible earache at 8am this morning, when we could have taken care of the issue earlier in the day without the stress of one person taking three kids in during subzero temperatures. He just dismissed her comment and never said a word to me. Clearly he isn't trusting Claire's pain judgment yet. Sigh.

So I officially racked up more doctor's hours for the week - just what I needed!

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