Sunday, December 7, 2008

Earaches (Again) and Shared Sleeping Spaces

I hate being right about the sickness stuff, but here I am vindicated again with an earache diagnosis on Saturday for the twins (Lily's is worse than Molly's, but Molly feels the pain more). I knew with the ever-so-slight congestion that we were headed for earaches, so on Saturday, in anticipation of my friend's yearly Christmas party for which we actually had a babysitter (a once a year deal for us to get a babysitter for an evening out together), I proactively took the kids in at 4:15pm after some cranky behavior (I admit I shed some tears driving to the clinic over the wear and tear all this sickness crud takes on me/us). I got my diagnosis, dropped off the prescription, made dinner, and had the twins medicated (both with Omnicef and Motrin) and in bed by the time the nanny arrived. Claire and I had earlier rented the official Cinderella movie (Claire thought Blockbuster was fantastic - you can tell we don't do movie rentals), so she got to watch a movie before bedtime while Kyle and I went to the party. It always feels good to get out for a while.

I had one glass of wine, which is enough to make my head hurt, so you can imagine my despair when Molly woke me up at 4am and wouldn't settle back down until 6:30am. I wanted to cry. I tried to sleep in this morning but had four separate kid interruptions (thanks Kyle) so I didn't catch up on sleep. I'm a little numb I'm so tired. We also had a swimming birthday party this evening (one of Claire's neighbor friends turned 5) and Papa came over for lunch, so today was quite busy.

And tomorrow? Let's see ... I have to set an alarm for 5:45am to get settled at the computer so I can enroll Claire in tap/ballet and swimming classes. If I don't have her in the system within the first 5-7 minutes the spots are all taken. It's psycho - there are loads of Johnson County moms getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to enroll kids in parks & rec classes and I've become one of those strange people. Also, the nanny has finals this week, so we have no babysitter. As usual, I'm sacrificing myself a little by asking my boss for extra work-from-home flexibility to cover the gap, and while Kyle is supposed to willingly give me all the hours I need at work (even the full day if needed) he is still begging for additional work hours tomorrow beyond what I've promised him already. It's a never-ending battle we face every time a nanny is not available.

So what did I proactively do to make my night better tonight? I bunked the twins tonight. Yes, more than 14 months later, the twins are sharing a room together for the first time ever. Wow. And sad it's taken this long. I don't know how the night will go, but Kyle is on point to deal with Molly waking up and the expected domino effect of Lily awakening, so this should be an interesting night. At least I might sleep soundly (depending on how loudly they scream) until that darned alarm sounds off at 5:45am. You can bet I'll be straight back in bed as soon as the class enrollment is complete.

Good night!

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