Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Instead of enjoying Christmas Eve day so far, we're on puke watch. Molly had a minor spit up incident at bedtime last night (which I almost noted on my blog post last night, but decided it was nothing), and sure enough, Lily woke up at 5:30am (which of course involves waking Molly up too) spewing vomit everywhere. So neither baby went back to sleep (the downside of bunking them together) and the vomit deal was a one-time event for the twins just like the Halloween stomach bug. Now we're in "waiting and watching" mode to see if any of the rest of us gets it. It would humor me, in a bad way, if our Christmas day is ruined by the second round of the stomach bug this season.

My opinion is the parks & rec gym area needs to be cleaned. My friend's son played there the other day and her entire family got the stomach bug, and then of course we were there on Monday and now we've got this thing going on. The stomach thing has been running rampant across Overland Park this season, with many an adult (and colleague) taken down by it.

Please, please tell me we escape another round so that our Christmas isn't ruined.

I'll update later today if someone else gets sick (unless it's me, and then I'll stay in bed).

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