Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Too Cold Outside

Yesterday Papa came over for a Sam's Club trip (he does a once yearly trip for his office Christmas party), and he bought me a big package of raspberries and blackberries. I made a cobbler today with them. Yum. The recipe is a bit different because it bakes in a pie pan, but it's honestly a cobbler. Photo posted here.

Today it is about 8 degrees with 25 below wind chills. I am refusing to leave the house (hence all the time to bake cobblers and start dinner already). The babies are napping and my mom braved the cold to drop off Christmas presents, so she's here and playing with Claire. They're being too loud as always, and I believe they've awakened Lily already.

Tomorrow is Claire's first ice skating attempt! She starts her week of ice skating "lessons" - four 30-minute lessons in total this week - so we'll see what she thinks. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of her skating.

Today's other photos are of the twins playing in a more "grown up" way - they were actually, sort of, playing "pretend kitchen" this morning, and a photo of Claire's whiteboard drawing (Claire took the photo herself). See if you can find her stars, houses, cars, hopscotch, and pumpkins. Her drawings are actually improving. She made a mental leap in the last month and her drawings are becoming more realistic.

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