Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Program

Tonight was Claire's first (and our first) Christmas program. The whole day was focused around getting kid schedules to mesh with the nighttime program, which meant baths and an early dinner and a late, long nap to make sure everyone was in a good mood. We accomplished it all. Unfortunately, because of a squirmy Molly (always a squirmy, inquisitive Molly), I didn't see much of the program - I was concentrated on keeping her from screaming and getting in the way of everyone. Lily was relatively low key through the event, but she is never as boldly inquisitive as her twin. Lily stays close by a parent, whereas Molly takes on the world.

A couple photos from the event posted here, including one of the twins getting to eat cookies at the event. Molly has taken to "winking" or squinting at us in every photo, and we have no idea why.

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